How to save a life and get paid in the new petaluma restaurant

Petaluma has had some changes in its taxi business, but the city is still getting paid for the services it provides to the public.

A few months ago, Petalumas mayor, Paul Carvalho, started offering taxi drivers in the city the opportunity to get paid by way of a special coupon.

That means that any car that is picked up and transported by a taxi can be paid for by a coupon that is only valid for one day.

The city has also launched a mobile app, which can be used to pay for a car in Petalums mobile app.

The mayor has been very open about the concept, and says that if people are going to be using the app, they should know how to pay with coupons.

Petalumans mayor says that when they opened the petalumasi food taxi service, they had to work with a small team of drivers who were mostly women.

The city says that they now have a team of women who are also certified and who can be drivers for the city.

The taxi service now has around 30 drivers, which are paid by the coupon.

The taxi service is one of several businesses that Petalomans mayor has started since February of this year.

A few weeks ago, they announced the launch of a taxi service called the Petalama Taxi.

The Petalamas mayor has launched a petalama food taxi that allows drivers to pick up food and other supplies from the city, and is a way to give back to the community.

The app has been available for about two weeks now, and has only been able to pay drivers for a short time.

The petalamas mayor says they are going for an annual revenue of about $20,000 a year.

The number of rides is still small, but they are trying to grow the business by getting drivers to come out to the restaurant, which is a big draw.

The restaurant is also a way for the Petalis mayor to give away coupons, which the city uses to buy the food.

The coupons are also used to buy food, but are more affordable.

The local government has been working with the restaurant to make sure that the coupons are good, so they can keep the business going, the mayor says.

They are hoping that drivers will be willing to work a little harder and pick up the food and then come out and eat with the people that they meet.