Italian taxi drivers to be forced to pay fees to the government

Italian taxi and limousine drivers are to be ordered to pay a levy to the country’s government, in what will be the first time a taxi company has been forced to collect fees from the government.

The move by the Italian government will force taxi drivers across the country to pay into a fund that will be used to pay for roads and public transport, as well as pay for the upkeep of existing public transport systems.

The levy on taxi drivers was introduced by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s government to encourage more people to use taxis, particularly those who commute from other parts of the country.

It will apply to taxis from January 1, 2020.

The Italian Government is asking all taxi companies to pay an annual levy of 100 euros ($130) to the fund.

The levy will be levied on all taxi drivers.

The first tax collection period will start from January 16, 2020, and will run until February 16, 2021.