How to buy fake taxi in Dubai

A fake taxi driver in Dubai has given away more than $200,000 in cash to unsuspecting customers.

The fake driver is a Bangladeshi man named Naseer Ahmed, who was spotted selling a taxi service online in January.

He offered $200 per ride in cash.

The customer gave Ahmed $10,000, and Ahmed promised to deliver the money.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Ahmed wrote that the money he gave the customer was for a business in his hometown of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

He said the money was his own and that he has been living in Dubai for over two years.

According to the Post, Ahmed is a regular customer of a number of Bangladesheepas taxi companies.

He claims to have received $40,000 from one of the companies, as well as $100,000 by the taxi drivers association in Bangladesh.

A number of the other taxi companies have denied that they are involved in the scam.

Ahmed is not the only Bangladeshee driver in the country who has been involved in this scam.

In March, a taxi driver named Anjum Rauf was arrested after he allegedly bought a taxi for his daughter, who is a member of the government.