Uber’s new drivers are coming with no experience

Uber’s ride-sharing service is looking to add more than 100 new drivers over the next few weeks, according to internal documents obtained by Ars Technic.

The company says that the new hires are coming from a variety of different backgrounds, including tech and finance.

The hiring is part of Uber’s push to diversify its workforce, which the company says has ballooned to 2,500 employees.

“Uber is investing in its drivers and helping them grow and learn,” Uber wrote in an internal document, adding that the hires represent a significant change for the company.

The document did not provide details on the new drivers.

It is unclear how many Uber drivers the company plans to hire over the coming months.

Uber says that it has hired about 1,200 people in the past two years.

Uber did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment on the document.