How to make your first $5,000 in Las Vegas

Taxi drivers in Las Vegas will need a bit more than $5 million to get started.

Las Vegas-based Lyft launched on Oct. 10, and has quickly grown into a leading ride-hailing service, with an estimated 300,000 rides a day.

But while it has a thriving driver-partnership program, it has struggled to make a dent in the Las Vegas market.

The Las Vegas Taxi Association estimates that only a quarter of taxi drivers earn a living wage, and most of them have not been offered employment opportunities that would allow them to earn more.

That leaves them with little choice but to use their drivers as a source of income.

For most, it’s a good deal, said Tony Zavala, who is helping to create a taxi industry platform in Las Venas called The Taxi Company.

“If you don’t make enough money, you don,t get a job,” Zavampo said.

The Las Venans taxi union has launched a campaign to recruit drivers to take Lyft rides.

If you’re a driver and you’re making a good living, why not give back and support your community, Zavapos said.

And if you’re just starting out and you want to start your own business, you might find Lyft to be the right service.

For now, Zaveras and Zavaboo are hoping the Taxi Association and Lyft will reach a mutual understanding and work together on an arrangement that will give the Las Venanas drivers a better chance of being able to earn enough to support themselves and their families.

“It’s important to get people to understand that there’s no excuse for not working,” Zavera said.