How London’s new taxi drivers are going to earn their living

LONDON — LONDON — London’s taxi drivers have found themselves living in a virtual city — or at least, one that’s been created to cater to their needs.

The drivers who operate the city’s cabs say the UberX app is an effective way of staying in touch with customers, but they are struggling to make a living.

Many taxi drivers said they could not find work in London, and others said they were struggling to get people to pay for their rides.

UberX drivers, who are not part of the traditional taxi industry, have a range of services they can use to make money and earn cash on their own.

They use app-based apps like UberX to arrange rides, pay drivers and charge fees.

While some drivers are earning money, others are struggling financially.

“If you work for UberX you can earn around $30-$35 a day but if you’re a driver you can make about $150-200 a day,” said a driver who wished to remain anonymous.

Drivers said they had no idea how much UberX is costing them.

I’ve never seen UberX before and I’ve never had to pay anything upfront.

One driver said he had to spend nearly a month and a half trying to make up the $100 he had made.

A spokesman for Uber London said that the company would be providing support to drivers to help them get a handle on the platform.

Last month, the company suspended all UberX services in London after the government launched a crackdown on illegal taxi operations.

According to Uber, the Uber service is only available in the capital.

For now, drivers have only been able to use the Uber app to make calls and book rides, but that’s about to change.

London Taxi Association president and chief executive officer John Tew said Uber is working with taxi drivers to develop a service that would let them make more money.

Tew said the drivers are in the process of developing a platform that would allow them to work from home.

He said Uber has a good relationship with the industry and that the drivers will be able to negotiate with their customers more easily than if they were doing it from home, since the Uber platform will be open to anyone.

This will allow them the opportunity to take their time and not spend their money trying to find people to work for them, he said.

However, Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.