How to fake a fake taxi in Calgary, Alberta


Find a taxi driver 2.

Make the driver pay you a $5 fee for your ride 3.

Make your own fake cab with a custom sticker on it 4.

Take the taxi to your destination 5.

Return to the fake taxi and ask the driver to refund your $5 5.

Find another driver to drive you to your final destination.


Go to the real taxi and give them the $5 7.

Go back to the driver and tell them you want to refund them your $6 8.

Tell them you are going to wait at the curb and pay $6 for your trip to your last destination.


Tell the driver you are tired and need to go home.


Go home.


Return the fake cab to the taxi driver, tell him to refund the money and drive you home.


Repeat steps 6 and 7 13.

Go pick up your money and give it to the Uber driver to give to your taxi driver.


Return your fake taxi to the original driver and drive back to your original destination.