Pornhub taxi service has shut down

Pornhub has announced it is shutting down its popular taxi service, which had been available to users in Australia since early 2018.

Users of the popular site will no longer be able to hail a taxi or take a cab home.

The move follows an investigation by the US authorities into allegations of sexual misconduct by some of the company’s drivers.

The company confirmed that it would be shut down and that the site’s staff would be notified.

It also said it would work with authorities in Australia and New Zealand.

“We take these matters very seriously, and have removed our services from the Pornhub platform as a matter of policy,” a spokesperson for the company said.

“Our culture and practices are our utmost priority and we are deeply committed to supporting those who are in the porn industry and to supporting their safety.”

The spokesperson said that the shutdown was a result of the US government’s investigation into the company, which led to a number of allegations of abuse, and the subsequent termination of its drivers.

Pornhub confirmed that the closure was due to an investigation into allegations made against drivers by former customers.

In a statement, the company apologised to its customers and staff for the disruption caused by the investigation.

“Due to an ongoing US Government investigation into Pornhub, we have shut down the site for good.

We want to be clear that we are completely committed to ensuring that our drivers are safe and working to ensure they are treated fairly, and we do this by offering a full range of services to our users,” it said.