How to get your UberX driver to look at your photos and say no

It sounds like the perfect ride for a new UberX service in the capital.

But this is not the case for the taxi company that is now facing accusations of trying to exploit its drivers.

In the past two years, the company has had to shut down over 1,000 UberX drivers across the country.

Now, it is facing allegations that it is abusing its drivers, and is also facing lawsuits.CBC News spoke to the taxi drivers on the street.CBC’s Victoria Smith, who is covering the UberX scandal for CBC News, caught up with one of them to talk about what it’s like to be the target of a fake taxi.CBC has obtained video and audio of the audio recorded by a customer of the fake UberX taxi service.

The audio is so powerful, the driver says in the video, that it sounds like a gunshot.

That’s because the audio is captured by a real UberX customer, who recorded it on his phone and posted it to YouTube.

The driver says that he had to stop his vehicle when he realised he was being recorded.

He says the Uber driver started calling his family, and threatening to “f***ing kill my family.”

The driver also claims that the Uber X driver began using vulgar and threatening language towards him, and asked him to drive to another city.CBC spoke to other taxi drivers in Toronto and Vancouver, and heard from taxi drivers who say that the taxi driver is a repeat offender.CBC also spoke to a former taxi driver who says that the driver is not a good customer, and that he thinks the driver should be prosecuted for fraud.CBC is also hearing from people who have been caught up in UberX scams.

CBC’s Victoria Smithers reports.

UberX has been plagued with complaints since it launched in the United States, in December 2016.

It is not clear how many drivers have been affected by the fake taxis.

Uber says that it will not comment on specific allegations.

Uber has launched a number of investigations into fake taxi drivers, including one by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which investigated allegations that UberX was illegally using drivers to sell its cars.

Uber also says that its drivers are trained to use the best technology to protect riders and passengers.