Why is Uber charging you to drive for Uber?

Uber has said it has begun to charge a fee for its drivers who choose to use its app. 

But the firm is not alone in this. 

Some big names have started to follow suit. 

For example, Google has begun charging a fee to drivers who use its Drive service. 

Uber’s taxi service, Lyft, charges a flat fee for rides between customers and drivers. 

And, as with most major tech companies, Facebook has been experimenting with charging drivers a fee. 

Facebook says it is “working to make the fee more transparent and useful”.

As Uber’s fees are starting to be seen as discriminatory, they are also prompting a range of legal challenges. 

As the company seeks to increase its share of the ride-sharing market, it will have to find a way to differentiate itself from its competitors. 

There are three main areas in which Uber has the potential to make a difference: driver-led competition, better customer service and lower costs for consumers.

For its part, Uber is currently exploring the possibility of partnering with car-sharing services. 

If the technology evolves, there is a real possibility that Uber could be a big player in the transportation sector.