Uber driver says he’s been hit by taxi fare estimators

Taxi drivers in the US are warning that they may be hit with fare estimations when Uber launches in the coming weeks.

The ride-hailing company, which has struggled to attract customers in recent years, said last month that it would be opening new markets in New York and San Francisco in 2017.

Uber has said it will charge $15 to use its app, and drivers say the fees could push them into bankruptcy if they are not paid.

“The ride service Uber has been offering for decades has been the most affordable option for drivers, and the most cost effective for consumers,” said Brian Fuchs, a driver for the ride-sharing service in New Jersey, referring to the app’s free ride option.

“Taxi fares are set in stone and we can’t change that,” he said.

“Taxi drivers are already paying more than their Uber competitors, so there is a good chance they won’t be able to make a living in the long run.”

The taxi industry is already experiencing financial distress as Uber continues to expand and the ride sharing company has been forced to seek out new markets to compete with.

In September, the Federal Trade Commission fined Uber more than $2.4m after regulators accused it of misleading drivers.

Uber has appealed the ruling, and has not commented on the issue.

Uber, meanwhile, has said the company has not engaged in any wrongdoing, and said the fees will be applied retroactively.

Uber has faced criticism for the fees, including one driver who complained that he was being charged $2 for every 20 rides.