Taxi driver, taxi driver ending after he was attacked by passengers at Irish Airport

The taxi driver who was attacked at Irish airport by a group of men, including a man who was wearing a white mask, has left the scene.

It is understood that the taxi had been picking up a passenger who had been stopped in the taxi area and was waiting for a bus when they saw a group walking towards them.

A man in a white coat and mask then approached the taxi and the driver said he was not going to fight them.

The man was armed with a knife, which the driver grabbed and the men left.

The taxi driver said the men were armed with knives, and he used his phone to call the police.

He has now left the taxi, but is in hospital and will need surgery to have the knife removed.

Earlier today, gardaí arrested two men in relation to the attack on the taxi.

Gardaí in County Cork said they were conducting inquiries and will be looking into any links between the attack and the taxi drivers union.

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