Why the #IAMSORRY Twitter Campaign is Going Viral

Why the IAMSORRA twitter campaign is going viral.

The IAMSorority is a social media platform created by actor and comedian Jim Carrey to encourage Latino, Asian, and black people to get involved in their community.

The platform features videos of various people being involved in social justice and politics, and has been a platform for several celebrities, including actor La La Land, rapper Lil B, and musician Killer Mike.

The campaign has been popular with the Latino community, with the hashtag #IAMASORRY trending on Twitter more than 30 times, according to the site.

IAMSorria’s campaign is part of the platform’s mission to empower and educate people in order to better reflect the diversity of our country.

We’ve seen a lot of incredible work from the #IAmAsorority and have seen the positive responses from the community, including many people asking to join the platform, the group said in a statement.