Lyft to expand into Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and other Latin American cities

Lyft, one of the hottest rides on the market, is expanding its presence in Mexico City and Rio de Brazil, where it has been building up an international fleet of taxis.

The Los Angeles-based ride-sharing company is partnering with Cibao, a taxi and limousine service, to open a new fleet of cabs, with locations in Rio de Paulo and the capital city of Mexico City.

Cibao said it will partner with Lyft on its new fleet in Mexico, Rio and other cities, including Buenos Aires, Mexico City in the country’s north and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in the south.

Cibez, the Mexico City-based taxi aggregator, is also adding Lyft and Cibez as customers.

Lyft and Ciboo are both part of Lyft’s Lyft Global, a company that allows customers to hail and hail rides in select cities and airports.

Lyft also operates Lyft Green, a ride-share program in which users can pick up passengers and drive them to destinations, like restaurants or hotels.

Lyndas Lyft Global has about 6,000 riders worldwide, according to Lyft.

In Brazil, Ciboa has an existing fleet of taxi cabs in Rio and Rio’s commercial areas.

The company has partnered with Lyft to offer cabs and limos in Brazil’s capital city.

Cuba, the world’s most populous country, has a population of about 9 million.

It has been trying to improve its taxi fleet by opening up the market for competition.

The taxi industry in Brazil is one of many that have struggled to attract riders.

The country has one of Latin America’s highest unemployment rates, which has pushed many drivers into poverty.

Lyfts Lyft Green service allows riders to hail taxis, cabs or limousines, or to use the service for their own personal use.

Ciba, the Rio-based company, has about 1,000 taxi cabbies operating in the city, said a spokesman, Carlos Pessoa.

He said the company is planning to expand its presence across the country.

In addition to its Latin American locations, Lyft is expanding in Brazil, the Philippines and India.

It launched its Uber service in India in June.