Fake Taxi Video Reveals Portland Police Officer Trying to Steal a Taxi from a Taxi Cab

Linn County, Ore.

— A video posted by Portland Police Department on its official YouTube channel appears to show a Portland police officer trying to steal a taxi from a taxi cab while he is wearing a body camera.

In the video posted on Tuesday, the Portland Police officer can be seen walking toward a parked cab.

When the cab driver stops his cab and asks the officer if he can pay him for the trip, the officer responds, “yeah, sure.

You can call me back in a minute.”

The driver then asks the police officer why he has his camera on him.

“Well, I’m a cop and you’re not,” the officer replies.

“I don’t want to take a picture of you.

I want to keep it secret,” the driver continues.

“If I’m going to take the picture, then I’m not going to do it.”

When the officer asks the cabdriver if he would like to pay for the taxi, the cabman says, “yes.”

The video has garnered over 3.8 million views and 1.3 million shares on Facebook.

The video shows a cab driver with a body cam video of him standing behind a parked car and trying to take an Uber, a competitor to Lyft, out of a car park at Linn Park, which is in the city of Portland.

During the video, the driver is heard saying “I’m not afraid of you,” to which the other driver responds, “(You’re) going to be scared of me too.”

The other driver then said, “You’re going to have to get over here,” to the taxi driver.

The officer then replies, “Yeah, well, that’s not a bad idea.”

After the taxi was pulled over, the two officers then attempted to leave the scene.

One officer tried to take his camera off while the other attempted to pull it off.

The officers are seen then pushing the taxi cab with the driver’s license plate.

As the taxi drove away, the video ends with the officers saying, “I did it,” as the driver exits the car.

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