What’s next for Jordan Taxi series?

New driver Jordan taxi series will return to a more regular schedule on the new year, with three more episodes to be filmed.

A spokesperson for Jordan’s Taxi Series said the show would return on the 18th January.

Jordan Taxi Series co-creator Sam Roberts said the series would not be rerunning its regular episodes.

“We’re hoping to start filming the next three episodes in early January.

We’re also planning to re-air some episodes of the series this year to give us the chance to reprise some familiar characters,” he said.”

Jordan Taxi is a new adventure and a fresh look at the characters, but we’re not going to be re-using any characters that have been in the series for a long time.

This year, we’re going to explore the different styles of Jordan taxi drivers and explore some new places to visit.”

I’d love to have all the viewers out there and see all the characters come to life for the first time on the road.

“We also hope to have some of the new faces and personalities from the series return to Jordan Taxi for a fresh start.”

Roberts said the pilot episode was shot in Auckland and will be filmed at the Nelson Taxi Showground and in Auckland.

The series will be aired on Channel 7, with an international premiere later in the year.

He said Jordan Taxi Series was a long-running series that was loved by its audience and the taxi industry.

“The show has always been about the relationships that we’ve built with each other and we hope to do that again in the coming years,” he added.

How to make sure your bike rides are safe

Bike taxis and bike lorries have been banned in some parts of London, but the practice is still common, and it could be a major headache for motorists.

The practice of letting cyclists ride their bikes on the road is called “cycling on a bike” and it’s illegal to do so in most countries.

The practice is legal in some US cities, but there’s a fine of £25 for anyone caught doing so.

But this doesn’t apply to London, where it’s still a legal practice.

Bike taxis are a popular way to transport people around London, with around a quarter of journeys in the capital made by them.

But the practice has been criticised in recent months by some of London’s most prominent cycling groups, who say it’s causing serious health and safety problems.

A survey by the Campaign for Better Transport found that half of all bike taxis in the city are illegal, while another two-thirds have been fined or suspended.

A spokesperson for the Campaign said: “It is a disgrace that London taxis continue to be used by illegal cyclists.

This practice should be illegal.”

We contacted the mayor’s office for comment, but they haven’t responded yet.

We’ve contacted the London Transport Authority for comment and will update this story if they respond.

The mayor’s spokesperson said:”London Transport has the highest cycling traffic in the UK, so this is a matter for the Mayor.

We take the safety of our passengers and drivers very seriously.”

Cycling groups say the practice of allowing cyclists to ride on their bikes has been linked to the increased incidence of crashes and injuries on London roads.

Cycling UK said: ‘Bike taxi usage has increased over the past year, but we believe that these figures understate the extent to which this has affected safety for cyclists.’

Cycling in the City has seen an increase in the number of cyclist injuries and fatalities, including serious injuries.’

In the most recent figures, there were 7,638 cyclist deaths on London’s roads, of which 4,716 were caused by bike-related crashes.’

We would urge the Mayor to take urgent action to end the illegal cycle-sharing of bikes in London.’

As well as banning the practice, London needs to introduce safer cycle infrastructure and enforce helmet laws to prevent serious injuries and deaths.’

The Campaign for a Safer London said:’Cyclists are being forced to travel on cycle-traffic lorry and bike taxis, where the drivers are often drunk, reckless and dangerous.’

Bike-sharing is the cheapest and safest way for cyclists to travel around London but the Government must do more to encourage it.’

Cars need to be banned from London’s streets.’

This is a very difficult issue for us as the cycling community, but it’s an important issue that must be dealt with.’

You can read more about the dangers of bike taxis on our sister site Bike London.