How to get a ride from a taxi driver in Fresno, CA

A local taxi service has been working around the clock to help people get around Fresno, California, in order to avoid the crowds that have become commonplace in the city in recent months.

“This is a big city and there are too many people, and they need to find a way to get to their destination safely,” said Uber driver Jamie Stenstrom, who has been driving for Uber for nearly a year.

“They can’t get to the other side of town.”

Stenstrom said his service has helped to ease traffic in Fresno by allowing people to avoid driving at night.

“We have been doing it for about a month, and we have noticed a reduction in the traffic,” he said.

“When it gets really crowded, people get very frustrated and they don’t know how to move around safely.”

Stennstrom said it’s important to have a driver with you, but it’s not just about the driver.

“I don’t want to give them a free ride, I want to help them,” he explained.

“If they don�t want to get on the bike, I can take them home.

If they donít want the car, I’m happy to ride with them.”

Fresno police say they have not yet determined if the Uber driver was the one who struck and killed a taxi in January, but the city has reported a spike in taxi complaints in recent weeks.

“It is still a crime, but that�s not something we would like to see happening,” said Fresno Police Department Sergeant Mike Smith.

“Fresnobans want a safe city and a safe environment, and it’s a crime to cause an accident and then not pay the fines.”