Japanese taxi company calls female fake taxi song ‘a sad day’

A taxi company in Japan has called a song by a Japanese pop group a sad day for its women drivers, saying it could be used as a vehicle for discrimination.

The Japanese Taxi Association, a group representing about 2,500 taxi companies, said in a statement on Tuesday that it has been alerted by a member of the band Girls, which performed the song “Fairy Tail” in Japan last year.

In a message on its website, the association said the song was composed by the band’s singer, Yuuko Nakamura, and that it “may be interpreted as a derogatory term against Japanese female taxi drivers and their mothers.”

Nakamura has since apologized, and the group has since been banned from performing in Japan.

The association said in its statement that it is “deeply concerned” about the song and is seeking to ban it from its website and the video-sharing site Vimeo.

“I sincerely apologize for any discomfort that it may cause the members of Girls,” Nakamura wrote in a video message posted to YouTube.

“As a result of this song, it’s now difficult for the members and their families to work and to enjoy the rest of their lives.”

The statement said Girls “had been working on a song that will allow the women of Japan to become better taxi drivers, so that they can become more aware of their rights as women and to better understand and respect the rights of women drivers and the people in their communities.”

“The members of the Girls group are also saddened by the lyrics that were sung by the female taxi driver, Yuuuko Nakamura,” it said.

“She was one of the first to sing the song with us, so we’re really sorry that the lyrics were hurtful to her.”

The association, which is composed of members of taxi companies from all over Japan, said the members were all volunteers.

“The lyrics of the song are about women who are driving for money and to get by.

They are a sad, bitter, sad day,” the statement said.

“We are not aware of the intention behind the lyrics, but we will look into it in detail and do everything we can to correct this.”

We will also provide the lyrics of ‘Fairy Tale’ to the girls and women who may want to sing it for themselves, to be performed and released in a song.

“The group’s singer has since said she was surprised by the song’s lyrics.”

My initial thought was that it was something for the young girls to sing,” she told the local Yomiuri newspaper.”

But the lyrics are just a reflection of the time and circumstances at the time.

It doesn’t mean that they meant any ill will towards women in general.””

I think it’s really sad that the girls who sang the song for us were told that this was a sad and bitter day for them,” she added.

How London’s new taxi drivers are going to earn their living

LONDON — LONDON — London’s taxi drivers have found themselves living in a virtual city — or at least, one that’s been created to cater to their needs.

The drivers who operate the city’s cabs say the UberX app is an effective way of staying in touch with customers, but they are struggling to make a living.

Many taxi drivers said they could not find work in London, and others said they were struggling to get people to pay for their rides.

UberX drivers, who are not part of the traditional taxi industry, have a range of services they can use to make money and earn cash on their own.

They use app-based apps like UberX to arrange rides, pay drivers and charge fees.

While some drivers are earning money, others are struggling financially.

“If you work for UberX you can earn around $30-$35 a day but if you’re a driver you can make about $150-200 a day,” said a driver who wished to remain anonymous.

Drivers said they had no idea how much UberX is costing them.

I’ve never seen UberX before and I’ve never had to pay anything upfront.

One driver said he had to spend nearly a month and a half trying to make up the $100 he had made.

A spokesman for Uber London said that the company would be providing support to drivers to help them get a handle on the platform.

Last month, the company suspended all UberX services in London after the government launched a crackdown on illegal taxi operations.

According to Uber, the Uber service is only available in the capital.

For now, drivers have only been able to use the Uber app to make calls and book rides, but that’s about to change.

London Taxi Association president and chief executive officer John Tew said Uber is working with taxi drivers to develop a service that would let them make more money.

Tew said the drivers are in the process of developing a platform that would allow them to work from home.

He said Uber has a good relationship with the industry and that the drivers will be able to negotiate with their customers more easily than if they were doing it from home, since the Uber platform will be open to anyone.

This will allow them the opportunity to take their time and not spend their money trying to find people to work for them, he said.

However, Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

How to find a taxi to take you to the airport in London

It’s not exactly a new idea, but it’s one that could be coming to a new airport this summer.

In fact, a number of new taxi services are set to roll out at airports around the world, including London’s Heathrow airport.

The airport’s airport taxi service is a part of a new program that allows passengers to book a cab with their mobile phone to take them to an airport or airport transit station, if they so choose.

The service, called UberX, is currently available in London and in the United Kingdom, where the service has been available since December 2016.

While the service is only available in the two countries, UberX is set to expand in the coming months.

While the UberX service currently only offers rides in the London area, in the future it will expand to other parts of the world.

The company recently added a new service in Dubai that lets users travel from Dubai to other cities in the Middle East via an UberX vehicle.

The company says that its new service will allow users to travel anywhere in the world between Dubai and anywhere in Dubai, including Dubai International Airport.

UberX allows passengers and drivers to book the vehicle and get a ride in minutes.

UberX passengers will be able to book their UberX driver directly and have him pick them up, which is a big benefit for the company.

If the driver can’t find a passenger, the driver will simply pick up the passengers.

The UberX UberX ride will take about 10 minutes and cost around $80, but the price per person varies depending on the distance traveled.

The ride will only be available for a limited time, so if you are looking for a taxi, you may want to book one of the other UberX taxi services in Dubai first.

Uber, which has more than 3,000 cars on the roads in the region, currently operates in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

While UberX has recently added new services in London, it is not available in Dubai yet.

While Dubai is still the hub of the Uber industry, the region is still growing.

The Dubai Taxi Authority says that Dubai’s market has expanded by over 50 percent in the last two years, and its number of taxi drivers has also increased by 50 percent.

While London’s taxi service currently is only in operation in the capital city, it plans to expand the service to other major cities in 2018.