How to avoid being pulled over in Mexico for a fake taxi

The taxi driver in this video might not be a local taxi, but the one in the clip might be a fake one.

The fake taxi driver is trying to sneak a quick hit of heroin in the cab while sitting in his own car, a police officer in the video tells Fox News.

The driver gets pulled over by a cop in Mexico, but is apparently just doing what he does for a living.

The video, which was shot by a video camera in Mexico City, shows the driver getting out of the taxi while being chased by police.

But the driver doesn’t take it well.

The cop asks him, “Do you have any papers with you?”

The man replies, “No, I’m a taxi driver.”

The cop then asks, “Are you from Texas?”

The man responds, “Yes.”

The officer then tells him, “…but I know where you are from, so if you don’t get me a lawyer, you’ll be shot.”

Police officers are seen pulling out their weapons, and the video ends with the driver and a cop being handcuffed.

The driver has a criminal history in Texas, but his attorney has said he’s not involved in drugs.