How to calculate the taxi fare estimators

Uber, Lyft and other taxi apps are being tested by the Israeli government, and taxi medallions are being added to their apps.

But it may take a while for the companies to reach that final point.

The Israeli Transportation Authority said on Thursday that it will begin to accept the new taxi medalls in the coming weeks.

It said that the new medallons are only for Uber and Lyft drivers and will not apply to drivers who hail a cab.

The company says that the app will be available on mobile phones starting from April 17.

Uber and Lyft will also begin to add taxi fare estimates, according to the company’s website.

The app will allow users to request the fare based on the number of passengers, and then the company will calculate the cab’s actual cost based on that.

The estimates will be displayed on a map and will show the current fares.

The taxi medlasses will also be added to the app.

A number of Israeli companies have offered taxi medalions in the past.

But in the first year of the pilot program, only Uber and UberX drivers were allowed to get the medallings.

The Uber and LYFT medallon will be added next month.

The Israeli taxi medailon system will start to be operational in the next few weeks.

The government has not yet announced which companies will be able to use the medalls.