Uber driver’s real name and age stolen, arrested

A real name is being stolen from a taxi driver in a city in eastern India after he was arrested, a government official said.

The name of the driver, who is a real person, was stolen on Monday after he told a driver to “go away,” a police official said, according to a report by The Hindu newspaper.

The driver was allegedly caught with the fake name of “Yaksha,” and his identity and photo were stolen from the cab company’s computer database.

The incident comes a day after Uber announced that it was investigating the incident and was working with local police to recover the identity of the taxi driver.

The cab company had initially said that the driver’s name and photo was the real name of his driver and the cab driver was not his driver.

A local police officer told The Hindu that it had identified the driver after he showed them the driver photo and told them that he was his driver, the report said.

Uber, the ride-hailing service that connects riders with drivers, said in a statement on Tuesday that the person in question “has been identified as a driver and has been arrested.”

“We have spoken to local authorities and they are working to locate the person responsible,” the company said.