How Chicago’s Uber drivers are taking the taxi game to the next level

Citing a survey, the Chicago Taxi Commission on Wednesday released a detailed breakdown of the drivers’ pay and benefits.

It showed Uber drivers earn an average of $18.50 an hour, and the company reported $1.7 billion in revenues last year.

The Commission said that drivers earn the minimum wage of $10.20 an hour and can take advantage of incentives, such as discounted rates.

The average annual income for taxi drivers in Chicago is about $24,000, said Michael Schumacher, the commission’s executive director.

Uber drivers in the city of Chicago earn an additional $8 an hour from tips, and they can take out a $2,000-a-year health insurance policy.

The commission said the drivers in total have a combined total of $26 million in payroll.

The drivers have faced challenges in the past, including an investigation into a fatal crash in 2015.

Uber has come under fire for drivers being forced to drive without proper permits and drivers being fired or fired without cause, the Tribune reported.

Uber said the workers were fired after a city agency investigated and determined they had not followed its rules.

The Commission said Uber drivers who have not filed a complaint with the commission have until March 1 to do so.

Uber also said it is reviewing the Chicago Police Department’s investigation of the crash.

Uber’s drivers are not allowed to drive on the city’s streetcars.

The company is suing the city over a plan to expand the city to include buses.