‘I am a taxi driver!’ The new ‘Taxi Driver’ trailer is here!

Posted by Bleacher on October 24, 2018 03:18:47Taxi drivers are in high demand across the world, but it is not all good news for their livelihoods.

As a result, there are taxi drivers who have to pay the price for the economic turmoil.

In an attempt to find new revenue streams, the industry has started to incorporate an extra layer of safety to the vehicle, which is also known as a taxi license plate.

The ‘Taxicab Driver’ franchise license plate is available on nearly every taxi in the country, which has led to the creation of the Taxi License Plate Program.

The program was established in 2011 by the Taxi Commission to combat the problem of people driving around in vehicles that are too dangerous.

The new plate, which goes by the name of ‘TaxImitation,’ is intended to make the taxi industry more safe and prevent crime.

The license plate comes with the logo and number of the person who applied for the plate, along with their personal information, including the city of residence.

In order to apply for the license plate, the driver must submit proof of income.

This can be a letter from the driver, a receipt for the purchase of the license, a photo ID with a current address, or a bank statement.

The program was initially introduced in five provinces, but currently, it is also being rolled out to the rest of the country.

The license plates are available for sale on the Taxi Council of Canada website.

A licence plate is required for all taxi drivers, but they can apply for it anywhere in Canada, according to the TLCP.

The license plate will only be available to those who are registered in the province or territory where the driver works.

Taxi owners can apply to apply their plate for a year from the date of registration, and it costs $2,000 for each license plate issued.

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