Taxi squad hires more than 20 workers to support its growth

MINT PRESS / The taxi squad of taxi firm Taxi duluz said it has hired at least 20 additional staff members to support the taxi fleet as it ramps up operations across the country.

The company said it would also expand the service to other cities in the country as well as other cities outside the Greater Mumbai area.

The recruitment of more drivers was done in the wake of the government announcement that a new model of auto licence will be introduced in July.

“We have hired 20 more staff members as we are trying to build up the number of drivers and hire more vehicles to help the taxi service,” said Vijay Nandan, the managing director of Taxi duls.

The announcement has led to protests and protests in several states and territories in the north, including Maharashtra, where many of the protests have been staged.

The Maharashtra government has also announced a new plan to increase the number and quality of vehicles in the state’s roads.

Maharashtra Transport Minister Keshav Maharaj said on Tuesday that the new model would make it easier for people to get around the state.

The plan has been welcomed by the government, with a spokesperson saying that the government will work towards providing better service to its citizens.

“If we can give a better service in the future, we will do so.

We are looking forward to having better vehicles, more taxis and better services in the days ahead,” the spokesperson said.

The government is also looking at ways to reduce the cost of hiring drivers.

It is also considering a tax on ride-sharing services to curb the rampant use of ridesharing services by people.

The Taxi squad has already expanded its fleet in Mumbai, the capital of the north-western state.

The company said on Monday that it had hired 5,000 taxis to be in Mumbai.

How to buy Uber or Lyft on CryptoCoins News

You can now buy Uber and Lyft on Cryptocurrency, thanks to the team at CryptoCoin News.

Using a combination of Coinbase and Blockchain, users can purchase them directly from the platform.

The platform is a way to give people a chance to buy rides and other services, rather than relying on a centralized marketplace.

It’s the first time a major platform has made this type of purchase.

Users who are able to purchase a ride can then pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum, but they must first prove they’re legitimate by proving their address is legitimate, according to the CryptoCoine News website.

The company has partnered with taxi service company Uber and has also partnered with local cab companies, to allow customers to pay for their ride with cash or credit cards.

To make this purchase, the user must first create an account with CryptoCoind, the company’s website explained.

Once the transaction is complete, the wallet will show the transaction address, which is a unique identifier.

The user can then tap the green button to create a new transaction.

The transaction is then recorded in the wallet.

The user will need to verify the identity of the payment recipient.

The company claims this is done using a series of pseudonyms and other “stolen” information, which are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Once verified, the transaction will show up on the platform as confirmed transactions, and the customer will be given a ride for a certain amount of time.

If the transaction goes through, the customer can then purchase the service again.

The same process can be used to buy a ride from a cab company, but the user would have to pay a deposit on the fare.

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