Two taxi drivers accused of trying to steal customers from K-9 cab service

The suspects allegedly tried to take a taxi from K8 to the mall in Seattle, and the K-8 service, which specializes in delivery of K-1 and K-3 dogs, was also hit by a hail storm.

But that’s not what the charges allege.CBC News reported that on May 11, the K8 service called 911 for an emergency when the driver’s phone began to show a message that said he needed a cab.

When he got on the phone, the message said that the driver had “a carload of dogs,” and the driver needed a driver.CBC said the driver said he did not have the dogs.

The service said it then called the K9 service.

K9 Service said that was the driver being accused of taking a taxi.

K8 Service also said that there was no problem.

The K8 driver said it was just an emergency.

K-9 Service also told CBC that it had not received any reports of an emergency, and that the K6 service did not get hit by hail storms as a result of the drivers actions.

“It was just a routine call, and as a K-6 service, we have a lot of vehicles on the street that are out,” the service said in a statement.

“There was no incident, and K8 Service has been providing services to customers since May 9.”

The taxi service said that, as of now, there is no evidence that the drivers are connected to the taxi service or that the hail was caused by the driver.